How Much Does A Door Cost?

How Much Does A Door Cost?

Keep it basic or go all out.
Advisar offers beautiful custom doors to fit your budget.

How Much is an Advisar Door?

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Customizing the things we buy is part of the fun of the purchase. And just like buying a car or a burger, the options you include add to the cost. That’s true of Advisar Doors too. The breakdown below will give you an idea of you how our customized door options stack up, so you can have an informed discussion with your contractor…and get the custom door your home deserves.

$ Nice and Simple

Our solid Advisar doors are available in many styles and finishes, from eye-popping color to rich tones to hand-stained looks. Our basic doors only look like you dropped a bundle.

$$ With Glass

All of our door styles are available with optional glass, allowing you to let the light shine in. Choose decorative or clear glass  inserts, divided lites, Privacy and textured glass or Low-E glass.

$$$ Even More Glass

Larger panes of glass bring more light — and distinction — to your Advisar Door-adorned entry. Clear glass inserts, Flush-Glazed Glass, Divided Lites, Privacy & Textured glass and Low-E glass pair beautifully with all of our paint and stain colors.

$$$$ Wow, Impressive

If what you want is an entryway that will turn heads (and even inspire envy), we have you covered. Consider customizing your favorite Advisar Door style with sidelites on either side (or both), double doors, decorative or textured glass … the options are endless and the wow factor, guaranteed.

$$ Hurricane Compliant Add-ons

What’s the cost of peace of mind? Any Advisar Door can be made fully hurricane-code compliant for an additional upcharge. Options include code-compliant glass, fill material and an-impact rated door slab.