Best Door Materials


Wood is beautiful (but it rots).
Steel is cheap (but it rusts).
Advisar fiberglass is beautiful and built to last (no buts).

Think Fiberglass First

Choosing a door style is daunting … but choosing the type of materials from which to make your door is pretty easy: just consider your climate. You want a door that will outshine the elements so it looks as fabulous on day 5,365 as on day one. That’s exactly why Advisar doors are made of fiberglass. Read on to learn more about your choices, so you make the right one.


Wood is often the first door material to come to mind because it’s authentic. It’s the look that manufacturers of fiberglass or steel doors strive to achieve. But, it has a downside: it’s the least durable material and requires the most maintenance.

  • Authentic look
  • Warps and rots
  • Susceptible to splitting and cracking
  • Requires more maintenance than fiberglass

Advisar Fiberglass

When wood won’t stand up to the task, an Advisar high-quality fiberglass door is a smart choice.

Our stunning doors are built from a high-quality fiberglass slab, and because we take no shortcuts…they look as beautiful as wood, and perform much, much better. Minus the need for a ton of maintenance.

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  • Durable
  • Doesn’t absorb water
  • Authentic wood look
  • Low-maintenance
  • More expensive than steel


When cost is the only factor that matters, steel may equal the best choice. But it is often seen least attractive option. It is subject to dents and, like many hairstyles, does not do well in wet or humid conditions.

  • Least expensive material option
  • Does not look like real wood
  • Scratches and dents easily
  • Rusts

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