Security and Privacy


From glass to blinds,
Advisar offers options that boost confidence without compromising style.

Protect the things that matter

A beautiful front door is a great addition to any home. But one that offers an extra measure of safety and security is even better — especially when you don’t have to sacrifice looks to get both. Advisar doors allows you to customize your door so you get the privacy you want and the security you need… your way. Just take a look at all the options:

A Locking System You Can Trust

When you lock the door to your property, you assume the people and things inside are safe.

That’s why Advisar Doors offers a Three-Point Locking System to assure maximum protection — without sacrificing style. Reinforced blocking gives extra support to the lock and handle, helping to keep weather, insects, and people you’d rather keep on the other side of the door on the outside where they belong.

Glass Opacity (and Why it Counts)

When it comes to doors and privacy, the glass you use matters.

Some you can see through easily, and some are harder to do so at a distance. Advisar Doors offers a variety of options that let you determine how much privacy you want, or don’t want — and are available in a privacy rating from 1-5. The choice is yours.

Blinds Done Better

Let’s say you want your new door to have clear glass, yet you’d like at least a little privacy.

Advisar Doors allow you to have the best of both worlds. Our internal blinds are protected between two panes of glass, giving you final say over how much privacy you have. And best of all, you’ll never have to dust, or hassle with tangled cords. And that’s better for you, your pets and your kids.

Let in the Light (And That’s All)

When you want to invite more light into your entry, but not the prying eyes of those who pass by, think high.

As in placing your glass higher than eye level.  Many of our styles offer this option, and it’s a handsome look. More light, more security, and an extra dose of unique Advisar style. Beautiful!

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